Invitation from Russian Society for Atlantis Studies (RSAS)

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Dear Colleagues,

Russian Society for Atlantis Studies (RSAS) cordially welcomes you to take part in the 4th regular Atlantology in the XXI Century – Perspectives international congress of researchers who constantly strive to investigate into the heritage of ancient civilizations. The Congress is to be held in Moscow at the P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) in May of 2015. Expected participants are as follows: P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the RAS, Third Millenium Foundation for the Promotion of Science, Ancient Civilizations Research Center, Russian Geographical Society, Headwaters of Civilizations Interdisciplinary Research Group, Kosmopoisk All-Russian Research Public Association, Ecology of the Unknown Association, etc. The Congress will focus on a range of topics related to Atlantis as well as to other ancient civilizations whose existence in the past does not fit the official paradigm. Its primary task is to hold debate on the progress of Atlantology as official scientific discipline and its current agenda, to determine what we all need to undertake to win recognition by the scientific community. The Congress will be given mass media coverage. It is expected to host within its framework an exhibition of fine art works and presentation of new books.

Upon its conclusion the Congress will hold a press conference where it is expected to announce its special appeal.

Time-limit for a verbal report must not exceed 15 to 20 minutes. Travel and accommodation are at the participants’ cost.

Please note that the deadline for potential Congress participants by which they should forward the Organizing Committee with their electronic applications accompanied by brief personal data about each author together with detailed abstracts is Jan. 31, 2015! Please send your requests and suggestions regarding the Congress or possible sponsorship to the address below. The Organizing Committee retains its right to withdraw any report from the agenda without explanation.

Simultaneous translation will be provided for all participants scheduled to deliver reports.

Please be so kind as to place this ad on your websites, as well as to spread word on the oncoming Congress among your colleagues. We will send to you all notice of the exact date and detailed agenda at a later date. Please follow Congress updates at

Please email the Organizing Committee at

Also please feel free to call RSAS President Georgy Nefedyev with any questions at +7-916-565-0806.



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